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Introducing SES

SES is a social enterprise company with more than three decades of practical experience in promoting and supporting all kinds of enterprise. We deliver business support services using our own unique Improving Livelihoods: Prospecting for Enterprise™ model. Our individually tailored, hands-on approach is very effective and highly regarded by our clients.


We work with partners across the North East to:

  • Help people become self-employed.
  • Support people to start and grow traditional small businesses.
  • Help groups to start and grow mutuals, co-operatives, credit unions and other forms of social and community enterprise.
  • Boost enterprising activity of all kinds.


Ses Business Centre Sunderland

Our services include:

  • Advice and guidance – on all aspects of business start-up and growth.
  • Training – in all aspects of running a small business or social enterprise.
  • Consultancy – on project feasibility, measuring impact and project evaluation.
  • Workspace – a range of meeting rooms and premises to hire or rent.


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Social Enterprise


We are the local experts in social enterprise. In 2010-11 we supported the creation of 29 new social enterprises/mutuals, and also supported 105 existing ones.



Working on behalf of the Co-operative Group, we offer a special package of advice and support for organisations that are thinking of setting up on a co-operative basis.